Old Man Jiu-Jitsu

Live Seminars, Classes and Private Lessons

In-Person Experience

Sometimes the best way to take in the knowledge is in person or maybe you just want that hands-on experience. Either way, we have you covered.

Regular classes can make things exciting, learning and refining your skills in a safe place with lots of encourgement, with people age 50+. Age restricted classes can help keep you focused on the techniques and not your training partners over energetic pace. For this, we host weekly classes for our OMJJ students and encourage you to try a free class. These classes are highly pragmatic and tuned specifcally for students 50+. We skip the mundane white belt mental grind and move right into practical techniques and science for the more mature mind and body.

Private lessons are a way to arrange some one on one or a semi private sessions with one or more friends, instructed by Pops himself. Ask direct questions and get direct answers with effective results. Use private lessons to address your own concerns, focusing entirely on your needs. Book a series of privates to up your game to expert level.

Seminars make for a great way to pass on the knowledge and allow you to test it on the spot. The "Old Man Jiu-Jitsu" program was developed over a 5+ year testing process in Austin Texas. If you would like to host an "Old Man Jiu-Jitsu" Seminar at your facility, please contact pops@oldmanjiu-jitsu.com, to arrange it.

Age 50+ grapplers are among the most loyal, dedicated and determined group of marital artists on the mat. While physcial limitations may be an issue for most, they represent some of the best and the brightest among the entire student base. They also offer the added benefit of stability in their lives, the ability to consistently pay their tuition and rank highest for student retention, when properly treated and trained. If your school is trying to attract students that stick around, pay their bills and add benefit to your martial art programs, you need to attract and support this group of students.

Seminars, Classes and Private Lessons


Wednesdays 11:00am to 12:30pm

Skill Level: [Beginner - Expert]

Cost: $60 per class or $200 for four classes
(First class is FREE)

Private Lessons

Single Student
Cost: $100 per session (1 hour)

Two to Six Students: Semi Private
Cost: $60 per Student per session (1 hour)

Book 10 Session Blocks and save 40%

Seminars: (We will annouce the next OMJJ seminar here soon)

Classes, Private and Semi Private Lessons, are held at the following Location:

Vasquez Academy
12110 Menchaca Rd. #401
Austin TX, 78748
(512) 212-3111